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Let’s talk about my most favorite color lip balm in the entire world! I have gone through so many brands of lip balm in my life. I feel that my lips grow “immune” after using certain ones for awhile & I have to switch it up & try new ones. That sounds so silly but I swear it’s true! I used to love only the Chapstick brand then I switched over to the Easter egg look-a-likes, EOS. And from there I moved to the ever so famous Burt’s Bees lip balm. Also note, I obsess & try out different flavors amongst each brand before throwing in the towel & moving on. So after Burt’s Bees I started diving into lipsticks & I fell in love with the Revlon brand. But I didn’t always want to wear lipstick because you have to constantly re-apply it & it sometimes dries out your lips! So I went on a search for the perfect tinted lip balm & I found it guys, by complete accident too!


Here they are! NYX Color Lip Balm is the most perfect tinted lip balm ever!! I buy all my make-up at Ulta because they give out good rewards & coupons all the time. I sometimes check out their clearance section because let’s face it, cheap stuff is good stuff! That’s where I found these, every single color you could imagine. They were on sale for $1.99 which is such a score! So I bought two colors to test em out. And guess what?! Yes, I fell in love! They’re perfect. Perfect color, perfect moisture, just perfect everything you would want in a colored lip balm! I loved them so much I went back & bought every color I could find. But I decided to show you only six of them, so here we go.


First color up is SUKRIYA. It doesn’t seem as full of a red color in the pic, but trust me it is ! Ain’t it funny how a color can look so different in the tube then on? This one sure does. But it’s red nevertheless & I’m a sucker for a good red lip color.


This one is brand new & I haven’t worn it out yet but it’s called XIE XIE. Weird names, I know.. But I love bright bright pinks so I was sold!


This one is more shimmery than the two before and is called ASANTE. It’s between a bright pink & a dark fuchsia for when you want a subtle color but still a pop of something.


This one is my favorite of them all! I use it the most as my everyday chapstick. It’s called TACK & it gives my lips just enough color to make it noticeable but not too much to tell I’m wearing anything. Everyone should own a color like this!


This color I like to call pinky nude but it’s makers named it SPASIBO. It’s the lightest pink I have ever worn & I can’t wait to wear it more. It’s one of my newest ones. But it makes my lips look so plump & I love it.


Last, but not least here we have DANKE. Yes, I’m serious. It’s a nude lip color, obvi, & I’ve never seen that in a lip balm before. Some nude lips colors can wash you out. But this one gives the perfect amount of shimmer with the color.


Here you have it, my new favorite colored lip balm from NYX. It’s to die for, please try it out ladies! You will fall in love. I promise. Which color is your favorite?


2 responses to “nyx color lip balm”

  1. my everyday make-up routine | abbey kay Avatar

    […] are by REVLON & my favorite tinted lip color balms are by NYX. You can read more about that here. I chose this color because it went well with my outfit, which is wear because I hate matching […]

  2. Mira Avatar

    Love your review, I think I’m going to buy all of them except the light nude (I swear, it’s impossible to find a nude that doesn’t just make me look sickly). But I don’t think they’re “weird names” – they’re all “thank you” in different languages. Xie xie is a Chinese ‘thank you’, for example… non-English words aren’t so “weird”. I love these names.

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