Styling Shelby: Round Three

Let’s talk about styling Shelby, again. And again, and again, and again because I don’t ever think I could talk about her enough. My obsession with her is real guys. It really is. But sadly, this is my last styling post all about her! Tears, I know. But I’m sure I’ll do more style shoots with her in the future. I mean, she married my brother so she can’t ever get too far from me! But these last two looks on her are so simple yet stunning!! And they are definite go to outfits that you should have in your closet!




Love this look and the way that the faded denim looks with the striped yellow shirt. Such an easy look to make, same leggings and brown riding boots, long sleeved tee, and a denim button up. So cute! The rolled up sleeves give the outfit an extra pop of yellow which works. She’s a model, ain’t she?




This final look happened totally on accident. I brought this black and red flannel with me to the shoot as an over shirt incase it got cold. But I made Shelby wear it over her white tee for a relaxed but put together look. I love how comfy a flannel can be, but when worn with cute flats or boots it looks like a complete outfit. They’re my fave go to shirt for a chilly day. My brother loved how she looked in this outfit, which is funny because it’s exactly something that I would wear! The beanie makes the outfit though of course. Every girl out there, I’m tellin ya now, own a beanie please. I can’t ever get enough of mine!

Sad, sad. These styling posts of Shelby are over. But I had so much fun dressing her and making her laugh and smile. Here’s a few more of her grinning cause I just can’t get enough of her model status!







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  1. laura Bent Avatar
    laura Bent

    Miss Abbey, you are good!

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