Tie-Dye Dress

Let’s talk about tie-dye! I hate it. I’ve always hated tie-dye. And my friends would always make me partake in tie-dye parties where we turned beautiful white tees and things into colorful bursts of color. I hated it… I really, really did. Until, I discovered the wonderful dark side of tie-dye. Oh my! It’s gorgeous & now I love it. The dark kind at least. And yesterday, I wore this tie-dye dress that my mom had purchased for me at the Genoa Candy Dance, a local craft festival. So of course it was a way overpriced piece of cloth, but my sis in law got a grey/orange one and my mom got a purple one. It was honestly kinda like a “well she’s getting one, so I’ll get one too” purchase. But I wore it with all black accessories and a wine colored lipstick and it was perfect. I love the look of this dress, so unique! And I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I can’t wait to buy more (dark) tie-dye things!!



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