Oversized Cardigan Sweaters

Let’s talk about oversized cardigan sweaters. They have became my favorite fad for the colder parts of fall heading into ice cold winter. I had none just a few weeks ago & have recently acquired quite a few of them. It started with a random find of one, into buying another, receiving 3 from my grandmother, copycatting another from my SIL, and finding a perfect final one that I instantly fell in love with. It’s been a process but such a quick one. I wore my first one today because it’s been in the 70’s the last few weeks but was luckily but chillingly only 48 degrees today. So cold! But so right for my first go at an oversized sweater. Here’s my collection so far that I’m sure will grow as the days get colder & colder.


This is where my obsession started. I saw this mustard yellow button up randomly at a Forever 21 back in September on my way to the check out counter. It was all by itself and sadly two sizes too small. But luckily it was so “oversized” that it fit! Yay! So stoked. It’s so comfy and simple and goes with everything! Will deff be my fall go to sweater.


This one I ordered online when H&M was having a mega sweater sale. It was only 15 bucks but when I got it in the mail it like could wrap around me twice. It’s so long and wide. But I still work it into my wardrobe and I love the maroon color!


These three I got from my grandma after she saw that I liked the style and she didn’t want hers anymore. Free is always awesome especially when it’s something you really like! The black one is so big and cozy and I love it so much! It’s like wearing a stylish blanket!


My sister in law has a very similar tribal sweater like this, hers has orange in it though too. She wore it last year and I loved it! So when I saw this one like two weeks ago at Burlington Coat Factory for 16 bucks I had to scoop it up. I love how the inside isn’t a straight cut but has a flow to it. Tribal is my jam and so is black so this is just too perfect for me right now.


This sweater I wore today and it is just the cutest. I saw it again all by itself when I was shopping at TJ Maxx with my mom and thought I had scored big time. Until as I was walking to the check out counter (again) I saw a whole rack of them. I loved it so much that I got my SIL the same exact one but black and white. We both currently love this style sweater and they were just too perfect not to get matching ones! We can be grown up twins, can’t we?

Here’s how I wore it!


What are you looking forward to wearing this upcoming season? Will an oversized cardigan sweater be on your next wish list? I hope so!


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