Black & White: Stripes

Let’s talk about black and white striped shirts. Can a girl ever have too many of them? The answer is no. No, no, no, heck no!! I love black and white striped shirts and they honestly are all different! Different cuts, different fits, different looks, different widths. They are different guys, I promise. And I love them. All of them. And I can’t stop buying them. Because like I said they are all different. And you can honestly dress them so differently as well. With leggings, or colored pants. With maxi skirts or under giant sweaters. I love them and cannot even count the number of black and white striped shirts that I currently own. But who cares because they are awesome and you should own some too! 20131027-205135.jpg20131027-205141.jpg20131027-205150.jpg20131027-205541.jpg20131027-205606.jpg20131027-205643.jpg20131027-205706.jpg


See, so many different kinds guys! I’m addicted.


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