An Outfit a Day…

Let’s talk about daily outfits! Silly thing to mention right? Well, I wear “outfits” every day. To me, an outfit isn’t just throwing on some clothes and calling it good, but instead actually putting some thought into how each piece will look/go together. I obviously love doing this since I do it everyday. But everyday I don’t necessarily LOVE what I put together. Sure, it may look good but I don’t necessarily L O V E it. Most of the time I only fall head over heels in love with about one outfit a week. And today, I was planning on sharing my favorite outfit from this week. But silly old me was on an outfit roll this week and I have fallen madly in love with, count em, one, two, thrrreee of my outfits! So yes, basically my entire week I have loved. Let me say love one more time, LOVE. Okay. This never happens and I’m stunned with myself. But so stoked too at my creativity! And they’re all so different because apparently, I have no one set style.


This outfit started with me randomly remembering that I used to have these little bandana scarves when I was little… After searching high and low (under my moms’ bed) I found them! There’s like 5 or 6 southwestern/tribal ones of all colors and I’m so stoked! And a few 50’s looking ones. Double stoked! Prepare for these taking over my wardrobe & life! The shirt & shoes are both from this awesome company called Hello Apparel and I love them and their products so much. More on them soon. Anyway, I loved this relaxed but put together look!


This outfit started by me randomly throwing on this black and white striped semi-maxi dress just as the kids I nanny and their mom were knocking at my door. It wasn’t an intended wear of the day but I went with it and it turned out so chic! I tried on quite a few other tops to wear over the dress but I settled on this great find from Plato’s Closet, a cut out suede crop top! Pairing it with black tights, brown leather booties, and my gold chain that actually once was an old purse strap, and this outfit was to die for! Perfect for fall time!




This one started out with me knowing that today I wanted to wear a headband, patterned leggings, flats, and one of my new H&M tees. PS our local H&M store opened up today but I worked so I’m gonna go check it out tomorrow!!! Anyways, my fashion head was in a jumble this morning. And somehow I came up with this basically all black edgy look. I wasn’t sure if at first my headband clashed too much with my leggings but then I said whatevs, let’s do it!! So I did! And I loved it. Obviously. Doesn’t it look even better by this yellow tree too?!

So I’ve had 1-2-3 days of good, kidding, GREAT outfits in a row! Shall I go for 4? We shall see, shan’t we? Lol. Wink. I’m weird.. Hope you liked these looks as much as I did! Told ya guys these 3 outfits couldn’t be anymore different in style! Try something outta your box this weekend and let me know how it goes in the comments below. And follow me on IG for my daily outfit posts! Username: @fash_byabb



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