Styling Shelby: Round Two

Let’s talk about my sister in law Shelby for a bit. If you know me, then you already know I talk about her like non-stop because she is one of my most favorite people in this entire world! She’s so kind and caring and supportive. And she laughs at all my jokes, some of which are not funny at all. I just love her so much! And the fact that she lets me dress her sometimes is the best! Today I’m gonna show you two more of her outfits that I put together and styled for her from her own closet a few weeks ago.




I love this look and how she looks in it. I took her same striped shirt from the last post and had her put on my second most favorite item from her closet, this perfect jade green high to low cotton dress. We always joke about this style and how it just flows behind you as you walk. Totally makes you a statement when walking into a room… Or through a parking lot which is what we do. It’s paired with the same leggings and brown riding boots and I added large bag of mine that just ties the whole outfit together. Look at those colors! This outfit would be great for running errands or even a shopping trip with your friends.




For this look (again same leggings & boots) I snagged from her closet probably my third most favorite piece, this high to low sheer tye dye dress! We got it at this store called Love Culture in the Roseville (CA) Mall. I love it. She loves it. But it’s sometimes hard to pair with things. So I took an oversized grey sweater of hers, which she says she loves to wear because it’s comfy, and matched it over the top of the look. I love the subtle colors. I added for effect a black leather fringed bag and boom, it’s a cute day date outfit. Also, check out my girls smile?!? It’s just too perfect!!

Try picking a few high to low pieces for your closet. Every girl must have one and can totally rock it! Layers underneath & over the dress help to transition them to other seasons. Have fun styling!


3 responses to “Styling Shelby: Round Two”

  1. Brenda Ideth Avatar

    Hello, there. I found your blog and I love it. How can i get in contact with you.

    1. abbeyymacc Avatar

      Aww thank you!! Feel free to email me at Thanks for the support!!

  2. laura Bent Avatar
    laura Bent

    Love your model, she is a beauty inside and out! love you!

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