Patterned Scarves & Sweaters

Let’s talk about patterned scarves & sweaters for a bit. We all love sweaters & we all love scarves. But sometimes we all get in fashion funks where we wear the same outfits the same way all of the time. Especially scarves! And I’ve discovered that lots of girls are afraid of patterned pieces which are my fave! So fashion inspiration is a must even for a fashion blogger like me. I love checking out Pintrest & other blogs to get ideas of how I can wear my stuff. Sometimes you’ll see an outfit & won’t have the exact pieces to repeat it, but you can basically recreate it with your own pieces. That’s what I did with a camel colored sweater I saw on Pintrest last week that was paired with a floral scarf. I don’t own a plain sweater like that (yet!) but I do have a mustard yellow one and a very similar black floral scarf. So that sparked my mind and I went into sweater/scarf mode in my room to create some more winter looks. Here they are!


Mustard yellow just goes too perfectly with these grey corduroy pants and mint loafer shoes and black floral scarf. It’s neutrally tame.


All black outfits have so been my jam lately! So I layered this scarlet red crop sweater with a black baby doll dress, black knit tights, black tie booties, and a novelty black and white horse print scarf. Not too out there right?


I love this striped orange sweater, it’s one of my favorites! Wearing it with leggings and black leather boots is a must. Adding this black and white geometric tassle scarf just gives it the most perfect fall look.


You can never go wrong with an (almost) all white ensemble!! I paired this white knit sweater with patterned jeans, white cut out ballet flats, and this oversized white, mint, and pale yellow scarf. When open, it has a beautiful window design which makes this scarf one of my favorite random snags ever!

The best part about outfit building from inspiration is that I’ll leave it out as an outfit and not put it away. I just sit it next to my closet on my table and wear it when I need a quick outfit that I already know will look great! Try some outfit building in your closet one evening this week! Tell me what you like/dislike about it in the comments below! I find it fun to play with your wardrobe & create something new.


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