Hair Has Style Too

One of my favorite things about having a fashion blog and taking outfit pictures just about every day is that you get to see how your style and self change over time. One particular change that has been fun to watch is my hair! I seem to have had many different hair styles over the past year and it just shocks me. Looking through your past is always a good time because your present self always laughs at what your old self wanted at that time & that’s just life.

I’ve always been one to change my hair every 3 to 4 months when I get a hair cut. And even though I only get it done 3 times a year I feel like it went on a crazy roller coaster ride this last year. From bangs and ombré’s, to middle parts and only wearing it straight, my hair has had an adventure these last twelve months. Along with my style of clothing which was bright and cheery last year and has made it’s way into all black and stripes right now. Here’s my hair and the craziness it’s endured…







Here’s a collage just for fun! ❤



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