Styling Shelby

Last weekend I asked my sister in law if I could go into her closet, put together outfits, and doll her all up for a fashion photo shoot taken by yours truly. She complied and it was the best ever!

Shelby is a receptionist at a doctor’s office and wears scrubs to work everyday. She comes home and changes into comfy clothes after work. And on weekends she loves to wear leggings, and dresses, and curl her hair. I love her style and we often show up at family events dressed in almost identical outfits. Everyone finds it quite comical and we do NOT do it on purpose. So for Shelby I wanted to go into her very own closet and style her clothes in ways she probably normally wouldn’t. Here’s how it turned out with my added accessories that every girl should have in her closet!



Cream lace dresses are a must! I paired it with her oatmeal cardigan, some simple black leggings (tights would work too!), her brown riding boots, and my felt black hat. Every girl should own a hat! Just pick a style and rock it with confidence, you can’t go wrong if you love yourself in it.



For her second outfit I took my favorite of her shirts, a striped shirt with tan elbow patches! I am so mad I didn’t get a good pic of them, but they’re there I promise! She wore it with the same black leggings, (try dark jeans too), her riding boots again, and I loaned her my military vest, and grey winter bag. She loved how the green of the vest made the outfit work! I even added a grey beanie of mine to a shake things up a bit and she loved that look too! She said she never thought a beanie would look good on her like that, and it totally did! Go outside your comfort zone ladies! You can wear anything you want, try new things!



Thanks for letting me style you Shelby! Love you girl! And guess what readers? I wanna style you too! If you’re local, let’s set up a style shoot! More of Shelby’s outfits to come in the weeks ahead, so stay tuned!!


2 responses to “Styling Shelby”

  1. Daniela Avatar

    both outfits are awesome, I love the black hat! it’s fab

  2. Beibei Wu Avatar

    Love the styling and great pictures too 🙂

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