Outfit Perfection

Sometimes, everything about an outfit just works. From the shoes to the accessories, and even the make up and hair, it just is perfect. It doesn’t happen every day, but when it does you just swoon all over it. Lately, my perfect outfits have been happening on Sundays. Especially this last Sunday! I was in my friend Sarah’s wedding on Saturday evening and I got home really and I was exhausted. I woke up later than usual Sunday morning and debated going to church or not. I decided to go because I thought to myself, I’m not gonna really benefit from not going, so it’s silly to skip out on it. I hardly wake up in the morning with any idea of what I’ll want to wear that day. It normally revolves around checking my weather app, looking outside my window for clouds or no clouds (and wind!) or if it’s Tuesday or Thursday and I’m participating in the coast to coast challenge (I’ll be writing a post about those detes soon). Most days I just stare at my no door closet while I blow dry my hair or start my make up and let the creative juices flow. And Sunday was just the same, almost. While I was away for the wedding weekend chaos, I received a package from H&M. Lately I have been obsessed with online shopping… I’m a sucker for free shipping and 50% offsale items online! Whoops! Anyways, my newly delivered clothes were sitting on my end table while I glared at my wardrobe. And bing bang boom, I combined some old, some new, and some not old but newer pieces and made the absolute perfect outfit ever! I wore a black knit jersey dress and paired it with my my military vest, some black knit socks, my black leather boots, a bronze whistle necklace, and last but not least (it was my favorite piece) my black and white striped handmade headband that I got from the best little company ever,Monroe & Harlow. I still had frizzy curled wedding hair from the night before so I touched it up and did my basic make up routine and ta-da, outfit perfection! All the pieces were pretty basic, but for some reason on this day they all tied together so perfectly and created one of my favorite outfits that I have worn in awhile! Everyone else loved it too, I got called “hot” 3 times that day… All by my best girlfriends of course, but it totally made my day! Confidence is the best thing you can wear, remember that ladies!




Black Jersey Knit Dress; H&M $12 (online)
Military Vest; Forever 21 $16 (online-sale)
Black Knit Socks; Kohl’s $9
Black Leather Boots; Kohl’s $15 (sale)
Bronze Whistle Necklace; Forever 21 $3
B&W Striped Handmade Headband; Monroe & Harlow $10


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