Peek-a-boo Layers

So last week I wore one of my favorite black and white polka dot pieces, a cotton summer dress. I hadn’t worn it since the middle of summer because after I washed it, it shrank. But I really wanted to wear it and since it’s colder now I thought it’d go great with tights! Except, remember, it’s too short… Dilemma! I was bummed. Until I had a fashion genius moment and thought to layer it with a longer summer dress underneath it. Totally worked and solved my fashion problem. I wore the peek-a-boo duo with some poppy blue tights, a grey cardy, and some cute booties. So comfy and cute and flirtatious! I know we all have the problem of clothes shrinking in the wash, especially dresses and we all get so sad that a piece may be ruined after just one wear! Well, I can’t solve the shrinking problem for you, but remember next time to try pairing it with something a little longer (or leave a blouse open if it buttons up). You can always alter clothes and use them in ways you normally wouldn’t. You don’t need a huge wardrobe to make different outfits, ya just gotta think out of the box and try something new!


B&W Polka Dot Cotton Summer Dress; Forever 21 $13 (online)
Black Cotton Summer Dress; Forever 21 $12
Grey Oversized Cardigan; Pac Sun $11
Blue Knit Tights; Ross $7
Brown Leather Booties; JC Penny’s $20


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