I <3 H&M

Last week I saw a tweet that H&M was having a fall sale where a bunch of their clothes were dollars and dollars off online. So of course, me being me, I checked it out! FYI , I love that H&M opened their online store here in the US earlier this summer and that Reno has a store opening up here soon. I love this store but rarely get to shop there. They have such cute things and they can be pretty cheap too. Anyway, I browsed the sale stuff and the regular priced stuff too. And found this whole outfit! I love it. I’ve never actually bought an “outfit” like this before. I normally buy things I know will fit into my wardrobe and then wear them with things I already have. But this buy cracked me up cause I already knew I was gonna wear it all together once I received it in the mail. The maroon cardigan was only 15 bucks! But when I got it, it was H U G E! Like way huge, as you can tell. Way huge. Haha, but I’ll still wear it… The black skirt was $17 and yes I do have another black skirt like this but this one flows and the other one is straight so they are different guys. They really are. And when I saw this super cute tank with the boston terroir puppy on it I just died and had to have it! It’s just too cute! And was totally worth the 12 dollars, especially since it was the only thing that fit perfectly from my order. This outfit just tied too perfectly together for me. It’s perf!

H&M only charges five dollars for shipping no matter what which is a super great deal! Lately I am obsessed with online shopping and I currently have like 6 or 7 items in my H&M online shopping bag as a type just waiting to be purchased by me! Check out their stuff online (and you Reno peeps as soon as the local shop opens up) because I promise you will NOT be disappointed.


Sunglasses; Forever 21 $5 (online)
Tan Chelsea Boots; Target $24 (sale)


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