My Fall Wishlist

I love when the weather changes and a new season is on it’s way. It means the year is moving on and nature is literally carrying you into the next stage of life. Like I’ve said before, fall is my favorite time of year and the weather is just perfect to me. I get sick of the summer heat quickly and enjoy being cuddly and cozy in leggings, boots, and sweaters. As the weather starts to turn, we all have those familiar clothing pieces that we crave. And sometimes we discover new trends that we can’t wait to try out. That’s why I think creating a “new season” wishlist is a very smart and efficient way to get the new items you want while not overloading your budget or your closet space. Some bloggers do a month to month list, but those girls must have a money tree in their garden. There’s no way I could buy myself 10 new things a month! But that may work for you, so try it if you want! A wishlist can consist of anything from clothes, bags and shoes, to make up, house decor, new albums, or books! I think it’s a great way to know what you want heading into a season so that you don’t overbuy or overspend. And for me, it’s fun to shop around for what I want and see where I can get it for either a cheaper price, or a restyled version of what I originally wanted. So here’s my fall wishlist and why I want each item! Ps. I honestly almost have over half these items because I made this list about a month ago! I really can never wait patiently for fall!

My Fall Wishlist

1. Military jacket – I love the color and the style and the functionality of a piece like this in your closet. So cute!

2. Wine Colored Lipstick – I normally wear bright red and have braved into wearing pops of pink. So wine is my adventure color for fall/winter.

3. Camo Tee – The trend is cute and affordable. I’ll probably snag one of my Dad’s old tees or get a cheap one from the hunting section at Walmart. The color is in, and the pattern is edgy.

4. White Cut Out Leather Flats – Different and cute, and will look great with socks and tights!

5. Grey Cardigan – I want one of these cause I love the color grey and I need something to layer with all my summer muscle tees.

6. Tiger Tank – I don’t know why but I love this white tiger print and can’t wait to snag one for myself.

7. Katy Perry’s “Prism” Album – I honestly just love Katy Perry and can’t wait for her album to be released in October. Her single “Roar” is awesome!

8. Plain Black Slouch Tee – I just need one of these. I love black lately and oversized shirts. This will go great with leggings and my next item!

9. Tan Chelsea Boots – Apparently short booties are called “Chelsea” boots. Don’t know who she is, but these will look cute with leggings and jeans. I might get a pair in black too!

What would be on your fall wishlist this year?


(All pics are from Pintrest)


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