Fall Waves to the Summer Faves

The first week of September has officially come and gone now. It’s still hot here in Reno but we know that the fall breeze is too near. Let me just tell you, I love Fall! I love the color changing of the leaves, I love the new beginnings of school and adventure, and the slow but sure march towards the holiday season. Fall has always been my favorite season and summer definitely has not. I have never been comfortable with my bare body. Sleeveless dresses and two pieces are what I associate the season of summer with, which really mean “bigger girl” death. I hate Summer and exposing my arms or unwanted rolly curves and I just hate it. Some summers I don’t give a single care and wear sleeveless everything and try not to think about it. While other summers I wrap my arms in sweaty winter sweaters to cover everything up. This summer was a mix up of the two, but I did it in a way that didn’t scream winter, but still covered up Summer. Anyways, I’m here to tell you my favorite trends that I loved from this Summer, and the things I can’t wait to wear this Fall!! *hint hint – t r a n s i t i o n a l p i e c e s !

One thing I loved since the beginning of summer was maxi dresses and skirts all the way! I seriously probably acquired about ten or more this Summer alone! My sister-in-law and I just loved the simplicity of throwing one whole piece on that just flowed and being able to accessorize it however we wanted. They were so comfy and casual but so cute and put together as well. One thing we quickly discovered though was how hot they could be! If they were floor length it allowed for basically no air flow so I tended to catch myself hold the end up if I were outside to get that going. I can’t wait to wear these into Fall/Winter with some tights, booties, and a huge sweater and maybe a scarf. It’s gonna be such a cute and cozy outfit. I’m really looking forward to this.

Another look I loved this summer was wearing short sleeved tees under my sleeveless dresses. So cute! It turned it into a little jumper feel and made me feel more comfortable in my own (arm) skin. I will definitely be doing this with Fall; pairing a blue and white striped long sleeved tee under my teal summer dress with a pair of black leggings and brown boots! I cannot wait! This look will keep everything warm and cute and covered.

Now what crack me up about this third trend is that it involves muscle tees. I absolutely fell in LOVE with muscle tees this summer. Funny I know, cause I hate my arms and muscle tees show all my “muscles”. But this style is adorable and boyish but so flattering and daring at the same time. So for Fall I’m just waiting for the first brisk wind to come in because I can’t wait to wear all my new muscle tees with leggings/jeans, my black leather knee high boots and any of my darling boyfriend cardigan sweaters.

A few other things I ventured towards this summer was bright pink lips, completely straight hair (I hardly do that), dresses with boots, and gold necklaces. Red is normally my lip color but this new pink adventure is a complete success! I love curling my hair but straight really accents my face. Boots and dress with no tights is normally a huge no go for me, but it turned out cute! And I hate jewelry, especially gold but I have fallen in low with the extra kick it has givens latest outfits and I am sold.

Be daring this fall. Try things you thought only worked for other seasons. Be bold in your outfit choices and be confident in what you wear. Challenge: buy a brimmed winter wool hat and actually wear it! I haven’t been brave enough to wear mine yet, so lets do that together!

I am waiting patiently for Fall as I sit outside in 80 degree weather wearing my grandmothers vintage spandex pants. I am craving Fall and cooler temps. Can’t wait for the change! 20130906-145239.jpg20130906-145334.jpg










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