Magazine Inspiration.

Even a fashionista like me sometimes copies a complete look from a magazine! Shocker. I know. But I do! I only normally look through one fashion magazine that I get sent to my house monthly, Marie Claire. And I love it. The pictures and the looks can totally inspire me and spark an outfit in my mind that creates a wildfire of future outfit ideas. And I always cut out my favorite pieces and build them into outfits/color wheels on my fashion inspiration board that I have in my room. Everyone needs outfit inspiration sometimes, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

I saw this adorable outfit in Instyle magazine the other day when my momma and I were getting pedicures. (One of my favorite things ever is to get a pedicure, and completely zone out the world while I sit back, relax, and let fashion magazines inspire me. The B E ST.) Anyways, Instyle has a ton of great fashion tips, including this awesome segment of helping you transition pieces from season to season. The piece was a peachy maxi lace skirt and they were showing you how to bring it from summer to fall. What first caught my eye about the summer look was the color combo. They chose to pair a grey muscle tee with the faded peach color and I died. Literally, the colors looked so smooth together. I loved it right then and there. Sometimes, it’s not the pieces you wear that look good together but the colors of each piece and how they balance/clash with each other. I saw it and knew I could automatically copy this outfit with similar pieces in my closet; a peachy colored pleated skirt and a black shoulder studded muscle tank. One tip ladies that always helps me out, whether it be with shopping or outfit making or packing for a vaca, is to KNOW YOUR CLOSET. It totally cuts down on buying too many similar pieces, makes getting dressed in the morning a lot faster, and as I just showed, makes copying an outfit a whole lot easier. I paired the duo with a great pair of black studded flats and a bronze necklace with some peach lips. This outfit is so comfy, cute, and can be worn anywhere.

Inspiration is all around you ladies. So don’t be afraid to take a closer look at the world around you. The great thing about inspiration is that it’s not stealing when you take someone else’s beautiful idea and make it your own! Be inspired by others, but always be you.


Black Muscle Tee; Forever 21 $14
Peach Pleated Skirt; Kohl’s $16
Black Studded Flats; Target $18
Bronze Necklace; Forever 21 $5


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