Mail day and F21

I love mail day! And no it is not everyday for me… For me, mail day is when my online shopping orders come in. Yay! I used to not order online too often because I am the type of girl that HAS to try on everything. I never really know how something is gonna fit me due to my lovely wide hips and chesty chest. So it’s into the dressing room I go, every single shopping trip! But sometimes stores carry stuff online that they don’t display in their shops. So not fair, right!?!? And sometimes they have really good online offers only. So what’s a girl to do besides of course braving her fitting/sizing issues and attempting to score some sweet merchandise online! And I’ve done just that, and guess what? I’ve failed and succeeded. Yep, sometimes the stuff fits and sometimes it doesn’t. So what do I do? Keep it and either alter the clothing or give it away as a gift. Duhh! From my failures I’ve learned what I can and cannot buy online… Pants, button up blouses or dresses, purses, jackets with sleeves, and knee high boots are all a no go for me. Those are all things I definitely need to try on or see in person in order for them to be a good done deal. But cotton tees, scarves, most hair accessories, socks (yes, socks!), cotton dresses, vests, clearly oversized sweaters, bags, and sunglasses are all a “Yay! Yay! Yay! It will soon be mine.” purchase! And yes, i have had successful online sunglasses shopping, you just gotta purchase a shape that you already know looks good on your face! And when you venture out and buy a little here and a little there, you’ll soon discover what you yourself can/can’t buy online. Do it! I dare you, start with ordering something (or five things!) from Forever 21 online. You’ve most likely been to your local store and understand how their items already fit you, so then give it a go and start from there…

Today’s package came from there and I am so so happy with it! I got four things that I have not yet seen, or searched intently for, in either of their local stores here where I live. They’re simple, but I love em! Two plain grey pieces; a high to low tank, and a high neck summer dress, both are cotton. And then an oversized black and white polka dot cotton dress! Woohoo! So cute. And the best is definitely last, I’ve been looking for a reasonably priced one of these all over and finally found it! It’s…. A….. SLEEVELESS LEATHER MOTO VEST! YUSSSS! So cute. I had found one in Forever 21 a few months back but it was like 27 bucks and had gold zippers/buttons, alright but not the best. But this one was perfect with silver grey detailing and it was only 17! Score. Winning. Sweet. It’s completely perfect, really it is. Did I mention I love online shopping!?!? Anyways, I took these four pieces and styled them with ALL Forever 21 clothing items and accessories. That’s right. It’s all from Forever 21 cause it’s basically one of my most favorite stores! Cause it’s cute and cheap soooo what’s not to love about that? So here ya go fashion followers, be inspired by my love for online shopping and Forever 21!

Please excuse the dirtiness of my shoes… I do actually wear them people!






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