One Year of Fashion, Yay Me!

Exactly one year ago yesterday was when I first started this blog and my fashion Instagram (@fash_byabb). It’s extremely crazy to think about how far I have come since then and how much has changed, like my style for instance (soooo different). I’ve experienced a lot in the past year, things regarding fashion, and things life just throws at you. So much has happened and things just seem to be so different now. Through this blog and my Instagram I have been able to take baby steps further towards my fashion goals. I know not many people read this blog, but it’ll be something to look back on one day and see that this was my start. This was where I first began to write out my fashion brain for the world to see, and one day I hope there’s so much more I am able to do for people through these posts. Thanks for following along and being a part of my fashion journey!

The Past 365 Days…

– Saw my favorite band, Relient k for the 4th time

– Helped run my first fashion show

– Interned with a local stylist

– Worked at a local boutique

– Vacationed in Georgia in the winter

– Was featured on a small clothing companie’s IG, Hello Apparel Merch

– Helped style some stay at home mommies

– Rapped at my brother’s wedding

– Fell in and out of love, lol

– Experienced my first thrift finds

– Built connections with other fashion bloggers (one step at a time)

– And most importantly… Have gotten the craziest coolest positive support and encouragement from all my friends and family, if it weren’t for y’all I wouldn’t be able to help others doing what I love! 20130705-234421.jpg20130705-234433.jpg20130705-234509.jpg20130705-234521.jpg20130705-234531.jpg20130705-234623.jpg

Grey tank/Old Navy Shorts/Burlington Coat Factory Denim Mint Loafers/Forever 21 Camo SnapBack/Vintage Blue Pullover/Hello Apparel Merch


One response to “One Year of Fashion, Yay Me!”

  1. Laura bent Avatar
    Laura bent

    I love your blog! Keep it going!!!! Plus, I love you!!!!!

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