Under Tees Please

My most favorite trend lately has been to wear a crop top tee under my sleeveless dresses! The style takes a normal summer dress and opens up so many ways to wear it and make it look different. I have been invited to 8 weddings this summer, 3 of which I am in, and I think this could be used to stretch your wardrobe immensely far this crazy season! I can’t even count all the bridal and engagement, and rehearsal dinners I am attending over the next few months! So I am definitely planning on working this into my outfit plans. I also just love the way it kind of takes a normal dress and twists it to look like a little kid romper or jumper. Rompers are sometimes hard to fit in for me because of my curves and thicker legs. So this look takes two of my favorite summer styles, rompers and dresses, and combines them!! Who wouldn’t love that!?!? So here’s a few pics of some outfits that I have worn like this recently. Hope you become inspired to incorporate this look into your own everyday outfits! Enjoy!





One response to “Under Tees Please”

  1. Laura Avatar

    Yay, finally! You look very cute in your summer outfits! Love you! Laura

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