Trunks and trinkets

Today I am going to show you my favorite little spot in my room! I always love rearranging the decorations and furniture in my room. I’m in the middle of starting the remodeling process of the entire room, but I couldn’t wait for a change any longer! So this weekend I rearranged everything and reorganized everything I own from my closet to my trunks to my shelves, everything. And my favorite spot ended up being the display I made that is in between my bed and my vintage mirror dresser. Nestled in the middle is my wooden toy chest trunk that my grandfather made me years ago, he’s made one for each of his grandchildren and I love it so much! On top of the chest I used a bunch of random things I had around my room and compiled them to make a well put but scattered look. I placed some books that I had in between two bookends I made. One is a ceramic vase I bought but wrote on and the other is a mason jar that I filled with dry flowers and tied a blue ribbon around. To the left of that I put my vintage trunk case that I got for Christmas from my mom and dad. Best present ever! It was one that I had not bought because it was too expensive and then on Christmas morning my mom surprised me with it, I was so happy and shocked! I love it. Anyways, I filled it with my hair scarves, old pearl necklace, and a few containers/boxes that are filled with hair accessories. Now come the small detes, I just randomly placed other items all around these two main larger eye attractions. Like my “hipster” glasses, a bear band sticker, a couple decks of old playing cards, a black elephant (I LOVE ELEPHANTS!), and these cute post it notes that are my initials. Haha I’ve phonestly had those things for years and never used them but for some reason held onto them. And they honestly just landed here and I didn’t move them haha I think they look cool! Well, this isn’t a post about fashion but I can’t get over this little corner in my room and I had to tell someone! I love decorating but I feel like there’s no where to do that in my tiny room! I just can’t wait until I have my own house to decorate entirely by myself! Thanks for reading, maybe this will give you some ideas for switching things up at your place! (: OH! And there’s also a tiny magnet that I got from my church when we did an Instagram project that focused around light. Ask me if you wanna find out more about it!








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