Graphic tees are pretty things!

Lately I have been completely obsessed with graphic tees! And with me being a girl who normally wears dresses and button ups, I’ve been on the hunt for different kind of designs that I am just dying to have in my closet for spring and summer! Wearing a plain old T-shirt is just something I hardly ever do but I honestly just can’t get over this trend that I have fallen completely I love with! So I’ve been looking and searching and googling all sorts of different colors and patterns and styles of tees that I am putting on my spring wish list. I think the simplicity of a tee makes dressing it up in such different ways even more of a challenge than how I would a normal blouse or shirt. So here’s what I’ve been doing with graphic tees and the sort and how I am getting this look into my closet!

I went to a local thrift store of mine called Plato’s Closet (I actually think they have these other places too though) and bought a few oversized guy tees for around $6-8 each. Such a sweet deal! Especially considering I cut the sleeves off of two of the shirts I got, I am so ready for warmer weather! The designs were simpler: a faded grey and yellow striped tee, a black graphic designed tee, and grey one with pink guitars across the front. This is where I started and I’ve worn all three so far! (Sorry I don’t have pictures for this section!) I paired the grey and yellow striped one with a pair of jeans, a royal blue hoodie, skinny jeans, and black studded boots. It was such a relaxed yet edgey look for a day filled with wedding to do’s for my brother’s upcoming wedding! So comfy yet cute, especially for such a cloudy day! The black tee I wore for an (almost) all black on black outfit. I pair the top with a grey sweater, a black pencil skirt, black leggings and black combat boots. It was fierce, girly and tough. I loved it! The grey and pink one I plan on wearing this weekend either over a dress, which would turn it into a skirt and add a chunky knit sweater. Or pairing it with a flannel button up and a tights/shorts/boots combo. It’ll be a sweet look! I just love tees and the different looks they can help to create!

I’m honestly not too into mainstream old band tees like Metallica or ACDC. They’re just not my thing, although they’d still be cute. Personally I’m just into more character tees with alternative designs. My springtime wish list is filled with them! I really want a fox tee… A what?!?! Haha I’ve seen a lot of them lately and they’re cool. It’s like a grey tee with a literally cartoon fox face, I think it’s cute! And I really want an anchor tee, just a shirt with a big ole sailor anchor in the middle! I found a really cute on one, which is a company that locally designs and makes tees in a city in Arizona. For me, the less words the better and the more uniques the more likely I’ll buy it! Or if there is a hidden story begin it. Like a few weeks ago I was in Arizona visiting my friend Camille with my other friend Krista, she goes to U of A down there. Well we went to get bookstore because we wanted some Arozona gear and I bought a bright red bro tank with a white wildcat face smack dab in the middle of it! To the passerby, it’s just a screaming cat jumping out at you haha but to me it’s a memory of a trip that I’ll never forget! Haha I’m so weird. I mean, I know most people but tees when they visit a new place but those are filled with awkward words or sayings that you don’t necessarily west after awhile. But with just a design pick then you can dress it up or down in so many more ways than a shirt that says “I went to Mt. Rushmore and all I got was this stupid shirt” haha see what I mean? Well, this went way off topic! Main point, I love graphic tees and they can be so underestimated in their ability to make an outfit really pop! Thanks for reading my fashion rambles (:



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