Back into the swing of things!

Wassup? Haha I have not posted something since November! That’s crazy. And unbelievable and I’m sorry! Life just got carried away! Hosting a fashion blog is super time consuming. I mean the fashion part isn’t hard… I mean I do get dressed everyday. But the whole picking out the outfits and finding the time to take pictures and then downloading said taken pictures and uploading them then writing about them… You get the idea, it’s just a lot to stay on too of! But I’m determined to forreals this time make this more of an outfit idea page instead of a whole entire full blown fancy blog thing. Haha does that make sense? I want to make this like a place where I can give y’all some quick tips on the daily. I think that’s be cool. I honestly just love to inspire people with their own look and wardrobe and allow them to let their ideas branch out from there. You can’t go wrong with fashion, until you do. And then you just wear it with confidence and never wear it again! But this blog is gonna be an inspiration page from now on! My head is just so filled with ideas, I need a better place to keep them instead of in my noggin!





2 responses to “Back into the swing of things!”

  1. Bailey holloway Avatar
    Bailey holloway

    I love how you mentioned wearing your husbands clothes. I wear mine over leavings with boots and chunk infinity scarves and I love how it looks!

    1. abbeyymacc Avatar

      Haha well it’s a cute look! And makes the budget go further! One day I’ll be able to do this (;

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