Seven days of hairstyles

So this last week I challenged myself to try and do my hair differently for seven days straight. With having to leave for work around seven every morning I normally just blow my hair dry real fast or throw it in a top knot and rush out the door. And I’ve always either just curled my hair or left it straight on most days where I usually had time to do it. Pony tails used to hurt my neck after all day because of how thick my hair is so I hated wearing it up. But lately I’ve noticed in magazine, blog posts, and people I’ve been around that sometimes your hairstyle is what can make or break an outfit! And I learned this so much throughout the last week. I really had fun using accessories and looks that tied into my outfits and made it even better. I used a bunch of my mom’s old vintage hair things and even took a few ideas from Pintrest and made them my own. So here are my seven hairstyles from last week! Enjoy (:

Look 1- Straight ponytail with a bumped top and bangs out for a day of interning.

Look 2- Natural waves, middle part with bang twisted back and clipped with a black and white vintage hair piece for a breakfast date with a friend

Look 3- Twisted top knot secured with another vintage hair accessory for a more grunge lumberjack look.

Look 4- Hair curled outwards with a vintage black lace bow clipped on the back for a grey gloomy school day.

Look 5- Sprayed back bangs in a high ponytail with a volumed wavy top for a day of shopping around.

Look 6- Straight hair with a far sided part and bangs pinned to the side for a day of errand with the family.

Look 7- Volumed sprayed bangs pulled back into a twisted bun for a day of busy interning.












2 responses to “Seven days of hairstyles”

  1. dopechic Avatar

    Very nice! I like the last one best 🙂

  2. The Modern Vinster Avatar

    Wow, I love all of them!! And your eyeliner is perfectly shaped! 😀

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