A Muster of Yellow

I’m back!!! I have finally had some extra time to put some outfits together and take pictures to put up here to show you all. I have been so busy with school and work and a brand new internship (yay!) that I feel like I’ve hardly had time to breathe. This weekend I am getting to go on a little getaway with my momma to Sacramento for some shopping and antiquing. I honestly cannot wait! Relaxing, Cali, and shopping are three of my most favorite things. It’s still super hot here in Reno and I cannot wait for it to permanently cool down. This fall season I have been obsessed with mustard yellow and denim but that post is coming later! I think people want to venture into the yellow pieces but are afraid what to pair such a bold thing with, no worries I came up with a few outfits and tips for ya!


1. Pairing yellow with a deep dark pattern and accessories, such as black and white (plaid) allows for the yellow to be the focal point of the outfit while still tying the other colors and pieces together.

2. Add another bold color! Jade green stripes give this second look a faded and relaxed yet put together look.

3.Like I mentioned above, I love denim!!! So I paired my yellow tights with a fitted denim dress and a pair of deep drown brogues. I also have paired these tights with a navy blue dress that has scarlet hear details. I almost thought of wearing it with my white lace dress but was afraid that it might resemble a chicken! Haha, maybe not but with yellow tights you gotta be careful with something like that.

4. POP! Too scared to jump all in? Wear just a tid bit of yellow like with a hat, beanie or under tank. I loved matching my yellow beanie that I got last year at H&M with an all black leather look. Great for the upcoming cold!

5. With wearing yellow you have to think about what other types of colors look good with it without looking like a toddler’s color wheel. I absolutely love pairing yellow with scarlet. Totally gives off a great fall time vibe and reminds me of the leaves changing colors on trees. So pretty! I had been looking for yellow shoes for over a year now and found these yellow gold studded flats at Forever 21 for 25 bucks! I was sold. I love them and they are so cute!

Hope you enjoy these tips and that they are somewhat helpful!







Black Leather Motorcycle Jacket; Ross $29 Leggings; Target $8 Horse Band Tee; Josiah James Original $15 Leather Boots; Burlington Coat Factory $20 Yellow Beanie; H&M $5 20121017-205554.jpg


Scarlet Penguin Tail Blouse; Joppa $11 Leggings; Target $8 Yellow Flats; Forever 21 $2420121017-205604.jpgB&W Plaid Shirt; Forever 21 $19 White Knee High Socks; Forever 21 $4 Black Leather Boots; Burlington Coat Factory $20 Yellow Skirt; Charlotte Russe $10

20121017-205610.jpgStriped Shirt; Burlington Coat Factory; $8 Brown Booties; JC Penny’s $20


Denim Fitted Dress; Forever 21 $14 Yellow Tights; Target $5

Brown Brogues; Plato’s Closet $11


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