Last Week and Some Inspiration

So last weekend I was sick, sick as a dog. No fun. But I posted my outfit pictures anyways. Yes, even I dress “cute” when I’m sick. Haha it tends to make me feel better. So anyways I posted my outfit picture last Sunday on my fashion Instagram (@fashbyabb) and tagged #sundaybest as one of the descriptors. Well as random as the day a fellow blogger named, Angelica Renee, asked if she could post that picture on her blog because she really liked it. So we exchanged a few private emails back and forth so that I could find out more about what she was doing. Turns out is a fashion blogger from Brooklyn, New York that posts outfits worn to church. Her blog is called Fashion Meets Church and the site it She is currently doing a segment on her blog where she will be showing some of her favorite outfit posts she finds on Instagram under the tags #sundaybest #fashionmeetschurch #sundayoutfit and #churchoutfits. She found my outfit last Sunday and said that she loved the way I could wear different colors yet make them match at the same time. It was very sweet of her to post and share my outfit and links on her blog. Bonus! She’s a Christian too. Pretty awesome to get to know a fellow fashion and Jesus lover as well. It was a cool experience. Check out her blog too guys (:


Another thing I would like to talk about is the latest and pretty much only blog that I consistently look at and follow. It’s created and ran by a pair of sisters, Emma and Elsie, who live in Missouri. Their blog is seriously amazing, granted they’ve built it up for years as well. They share things from fashion tips, to outfit posts, recipes, DIY projects and just other aspects of their lives. They’ve been fortunate to have sponsors and have been able to do give-a-aways and special promo’s with other blogs and many fashion clothing brands. I strive to be them. Not necessarily as wanting to live their exactly but in the sense of accomplishing and doing what I want in life. They set goals and make them happen. They are living their childhood dreams yet still staying true to who they are. I want to do just that too. They inspire me so much with my own wardrobe ideas and craft projects and even some everyday life bettering choices. I hope to accomplish my goals as they have theirs. Not many people understand the things that I want to accomplish so it’s nice having a pair of people that I can look to for support (even if they don’t know I exist). Anyways, their site is called and I highly suggest you check it out if you’re into that whole vintagey fashion look. It’s awesome. Also check out Elsie’s husband, Jeremy Larson. He’s a local Missouri musician and he’s amazing. I just downloaded some of his music off, voice of an angel I swear.


Here are some random pics through my last few weeks.








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  1. yourothermotherhere Avatar

    Love the ruby slippers!

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