Busy Busy Days

Holy Moly! It’s the last day of September and I haven’t even posted anything since the middle of the month. A lot has gone on since then. My weeks have been bad and stressful and just plain overwhelming. School constantly feels like a waste of my time and my job creates so much uninvited anxiety that it’s hard to manage. But with a new month and new season I am making a list of goals for myself to accomplish. Life is just too short to sit around and wait for what you want to just randomly happen. I’m determined to get what I want done and have some fun doing it. Here are some of my Fall time goals:


1. Find a new job

2. Cook homemade soup

3. Visit my friend Micah

4. Bake  pumpkin spice bread

5. Set up first tattoo appointment (yikes!)

6. Reach out to someone new

7. Stop. Think. Pause. Speak.


Some of these goals are personal challenges while some of them are just fun or even scary to me. But I’ve realized from past experiences that if I write something down and keep it somewhere that I often glance at, then I am more likely to remember to dwell on and accomplish them. So here I go, about to venture off into a new challenging season for myself. And I challenge you to do the same.


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