Sister Saturday

I do not have a sister. But I’m about to get one! No, my fifty year old mother is not pregnant… Haha but my brother is about to marry the girl of his dreams!!! And I could not be more happier for them. Today we had the enjoyment of getting to go to a women’s conference via satellite where Beth Moore was the guest speaker. Shelby, my brother’s girl, had invited my mom and I to join her family which consisted of her mom, sister, an aunt, to accompany them to this event. And since my mom and I are down for anything we jumped right on in! It was a pretty good message talking not about how to be a mom or good wife (neither of which I am) but on how to be a miracle of God. It was tight, very moving and healing. Jesus tends to do that pretty much all the time! Anyways, they took us to one of their favorite family restaurants called Big Ed’s over on 4th Street near downtown Reno. Super good by the way! I had my momma take my outfit pictures here up against the brick walls of the building outside. I simply love downtown old school buildings, they have such cool stories behind (and in) them. It’s crazy to think about where and how life can take you sometimes. Here, my older brother is talking about getting married and we get to add on a huge group of amazing people to our family. And he’s even talking about starting a family of his own, like babies and stuff! So crazy… But this is life, we grow and change and become who we are supposed to become. It’s scary but I’m not afraid because it’s all already been taken care of. If you know what I mean! All in all today was long but good. And I’m spending the remaining of it blogging, coming up with new ideas, and just dwelling in life itself. Have a great Saturday evening readers (:








2 responses to “Sister Saturday”

  1. shelby Avatar

    awww this made me smile! Love you guys!!! So blessed to be apart of your family!

  2. Laura Avatar

    I am so glad you and your mom were able to join us, it was an amazing day all the way around. Thankful for your family in our lives!

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