Caring for the careless

Good afternoon from Reno! I have listened to Taylor Swift nonstop since last night and I honestly just cannot stop listening! You see, I absolutely hate county music and will not under any circumstance listen to it voluntarily. My coworker Brittney makes us listen to it all day long at work, gross. I just don’t enjoy the twangyness and love sappyness of it all. I’d rather listen to something real rather than some redneck fairytale. So it makes sense that I fell in LOVE with Taylor’s new song right?!?! I mean it’s so poppy and different who couldn’t fall in love with it. And yes I am talking about the song entitled, “We Are Never Ever Ever Getting Back Together” cause it’s soooo good. Check it out please! Anyways, I’m cheap and I was listening to it last night on YouTube before I went to bed and when it ended I decided to click on one of her other song choices instead of just replaying it over and over and over again. I don’t remember what song I clicked first but the adventure into her music continues deeper and deeper! Somehow I came across “The Story of Us” which is my new favorite and quite a few others. So this afternoon I’m in my kitchen baking some birthday cupcakes for my brothers friend and I’m rocking out to T-Swift (people call her that, right?) and I selected the song “Mine”. Now I know I’ve heard this song before but one line stuck out in particularly to me amongst the tiny bit of a twangy catchy tune. It says “you made a rebel of a careless mans careful daughter” and that made me think about my dad. Our dads have such a huge impact on how us girls and guys too react to love and life in general. And I couldn’t help but be thankful and remind myself how blessed I am to have such caring dad. He’s never not once done something carelessly for me. He’s always caring and careful about how what he has done in his life and the ways that it can make or break me. Then it made me think of Jesus. He’s the ultimate father there all the time. Our earthly fathers fail us constantly but he does not. He’s always caring even when we act careless towards him. Hmmm, that’s awesome to me. Anyways this was just a silly little thought that I wanted to share.

My dad took a few of my outfit pics for me today. He kept making me laugh cause he wouldn’t put the camera down so he got some good candid shots! Love that silly old man Tony!







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