Love N Hate

I’m late, I’m late, I’m late! I’m so sorry!! I was supposed to post these outfits on Friday and simply did not! I had planned on taking the pics that afternoon when I got off work but the time got away from me and I wasn’t able to take them until Sunday. I apologize for that a bunch! I hate getting behind on a schedule that I set for myself! This weekend was crazy, boring, and dull. I had to say goodbye to my best friend Micah who has headed back to the Bay Area for school. So lame, I miss her already! But she loves it there so I love that she’s happy. Saturday afternoon I checked out our local Plato’s Closet which I have no ever been to before. Honestly, first impression, I was not impressed! The music was way too loud and not to my liking and the whole store was color coated! Color coated places freak me out!!! I can’t handle stores like that because I like for colors to pop out at me not to blend completely into its own kind. Anyways I covered my ears and adverted my eyes and went on a quest through the shoes sections and guess what I found? Only the most perfect pair of brown loafers that I had been searching for for months!!  Granted they didn’t have shoe laces but they were still amazing and only eleven dollars! SO I got them of course. Saturday evening was filled with family pizza and the movie Inception time, that was certainly nice. Followed by of course church on Sunday and family In n Out that night. We obviously eat to healthy haha but we are starting too! Or trying too at least… Oh yes, the hate part of the title brings me to this. Lately, I’ve had a few people “make fun of” or “hate on” all my fashion things. Whether that be mean comments on my fashion Instagram (@fashbyabb) or mockingly asking for advice or just being mean girls and boys! I get it y’all, to love fashion is to love something as silly as the wind that comes and goes. But it’s my thing. It’s my art, my painting, my Mona Lisa. It MY thing and you don’t have to like it but I’d respect if you’d respect it. Obviously I’m not talking to you readers out there because you’re actually reading and supporting this! But I’m talking to all that whose nots out there that hate on anyone else’s passions in life. And I get it, I used to be there. But I’ve realized that it’s a much more awesome thing to appreciate someone else’s talent and let it be their thing instead of just shooting them down about it for jealous or comedic reasons. So honestly take the term “don’t hate, appreciate” to literal consideration the next time you wanna say something hurtful to somebody else about what they are doing. I mean, am hurting anyone by doing my fashion pictures…. Then don’t hurt me by making fun of what I love most in life right now! Anyways, to the outfits!

I wanted to think of some ways to wear my summer tanks and button ups into fall and winter. I mean I bought and wore so many throughout the summer that I wanted to get my money’s worth throughout the other seasons too! So here’s what  I came up with. I took a dove patterned sleeveless button up and paired it with a striped long sleeved sweater dress and leggings with brown loafers and matching belt. One outfit I wore the button up over the sweater and with the other I wore it under. Boom! So simple, two outfits with all the same pieces! I honestly can’t wait to wear this one when the weather cools, hurry up fall breeze! Okay, the other way I chose to incorporate a summer tank into colder fashion is to wear a black and white polka dot tie tank over a buttoned up cardigan sweater. I have to admit that this outfit is a little bit out there for me especially since it’s paired with the mint colored pants, but it works and started a ton more ideas in my head (of course after I already took and edited all the pics). And lastly I wore denim with denim! I’ve seen this look before and has completely opposed to it! But then I gave it a second thought and figured that if the denim were different colors then the look totally works! So I took my button up sleeveless denim tie top and wore it over a cream colored oversized sweater with dark denim jeans and my new brown loafers! I loved it as soon as I came up with it and I can’t wait to pair more of my summer denim things with my fall/winter pieces! I hope everyone has a fantastic few days until the weekend!!!

(I also added some cute pics of my baby cousin that I shot while we were hanging out on this day. She wanted to wear my fedora and I think she looks fedorable!)


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