Polka Dot And What Not

This week has been rough. So rough. Which is honestly no fun to face after such an amazing God filled weekend. I’m over my job. I’m over school. I’m over no sleep. I’m over just anything that is currently not satisfying me right now, which seems to be everything! That sounds so selfish, no? IT IS! I’ve been so selfish this week. Me, me, me, needs to feel, feel, feel, so happy, happy, happy! It’s really sad when you think about it. Happy is just a feeling, just an emotion. Anyone can make it happen because it’s really just all in the mind. It’s really just an outcome of how you may accept something coming towards your life. Whether it be good or bad, you can take something and dwell and mope on it or step up your game and change it. I’m looking for change the good kind too. But I’m lazy. That’s right, l-a-z-y. Lazy. Things have always come pretty easily to me with not much effort required to get them. I haven’t really had to work hard at much to get them. I don’t know determination or discipline or dedication. All I know is that if i wanna try something out I do it but only to the lowest extent. And as soon as any real work needs to go into it I simply give up. Worst habit (and feeling) ever. So I’m looking to change this, I hope. Sorry for my rant but this is my life, the in between where fashion attempts to squeeze in and shine some joy into. If i could put together clothes and outfits and stuff all day long I would be “happy”. Or I can accept where I am and actually work hard to be determined to discipline and dedicate myself to one day fully achieving that goal. Ha, a goal! I’ve never had one of those before.

(This post is really just four different ways to make an outfit with a simple B&W polka dot shirt. Paired with colors it looks great. Tucked or untucked. Vested or tribal. Adding extra detail or keeping it simple. These outfits explore it all.)


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  1. bazanderson Avatar

    Hi abbeyymacc! Your website is really cool 😉 I like your blog so have nominated you for the “One Lovely Blog Award” – Cheers

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