Coral and Sleeveless

Crazy day today despite the same monotonous schedule. I am over the same, I want change! I think that’s why I love clothes and fashion so much because it’s a constant new adventure. Trends change, new ideas come about and every season brings something new! I m still waiting for fall weather to catch up with my already purchased fall wardrobe. Come on Reno, I’m sick of it still being in the 90’s!!! Way too hot. I mean it is September, let’s cool down a bit please! Anyways, if it’s still to hot to bundle up where you are but kinda getting breezy try out these outfits, colored denim with sleeveless button up tops! (I’m rocking this look tomorrow) I like to pair floral with my colored denim pants because usually one shirt can go with a ton of different colored bottoms if the shirt’s color combo is right. Another thing to do is wear a either a lighter contrast or darker contrast shirt to your pants, plain or patterned. This adds an off but together look that is questionable but makes a statement all at the same time! One other way that you can never go wrong with is to wear it with black and or white. I love this top I got from Forever 21 that is B&W and polka dotted with hearts all over it, so cute! Hope these tips helps! Enjoy a restless Wednesday night y’all (:




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