A Happy Monday

It’s a Monday that people aren’t bummed about! Haha what a rare thing, especially for me. Monday’s to me are the beginning of a long and tiring work/school week. But today I slept in, read a good book, listened to some new music and spent most of the day alone. This weekend has been greater than I could have ever even imagined after leaving work last Friday afternoon. I spent Friday with my pastors wife, Amanda, on a coffee date and Jesus book time and went to dinner with my best friend Micah. Saturday I spent the day with my mom and the evening with my family. But Sunday, yes good old Sunday was by far the best day I’ve had in a long time. I went to Joshuafest!!!!! I told y’all about it in my last post and it by far exceeded any expectation that I had for it. It was such a humbling reminder of life and it’s purpose for me. My mind was refreshed that life’s purpose is to glorify God and God alone. There’s just so much he’s done for me that I can’t help but not be joyful towards Him. It’s awesome to see bands like Josiah James, I Am They, Esterlyn and Everyday Sunday bow down and acknowledge that all their success is because of God and what he given them. My passion in my life, even more so than fashion, is to while heartedly do God’s will. Whatever he has for me, I want to willingly long after. I’ve tried life without him and I’ve failed miserably and lately he’s been opening my eyes to new and truthful views. It’s refreshing and peace giving and joyful. If you don’t know God, ask him to be in your heart. He doesn’t disappoint.

On the fashion note, I’m stoked to announce that I’ll be posting an outfit post everyday the rest of this week!!!! The first post will be how to pair denim with a maxi tribal dress four different ways. Then, how to wear coral denim pants (or any color of pants in the pink family) with four different sleeveless button up shirts. Next, will be how to make four different outfits with a black and white polka dot tee. And lastly and most favoritely, how to take your summer tees and sleeveless button ups and wear them into fall/winter! I’m super stoked about this next week. I have a new attitude towards school which hopefully lasts. And a new perspective on life. Let’s all try and enjoy this short week ahead (:

(Here’s some detail pics from what I wore today and the awesome band tee that I got yesterday. Check out Josiah James music!)










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