Don’t you know you’re not supposed to wear white after Labor Day?

It’s Labor Day weekend!! Only reason I’m excited is because I don’t have to work or go to school on Monday! Woohoo! This first week of school was rough so it’s always nice getting an extra day to rest up and organize myself so that I can tackle this semester head on. I still hate school but I feel that it’s just where I need to be right now so I’m going through with it for the moment. Despite wanting to rest up these next few days my weekend is already pretty much packed! This weekend is the Rib Cook Off here in Sparks where grillers from here and afar prepare their best sauces and ribs for a competition. I grew up going to it and always got free ribs because of my dad’s county job, pretty sweet right? Except I don’t really even like ribs! Not worth the mess for the amount of meat but I think I’m going to it tonight anyways with my family. I don’t really like big crowds but I’ll bear through for them… I’m extremely excited for my Sunday adventure though. I’m taking a mini road trip with my friend April to a Christian music festival called JoshuaFest, it’t right outside of Sacramento this year. I am so stoked on it! Our favorite band Relient k is playing it this year!!! It’ll  be my fourth time seeing them but you just can’t ever get enough of your favorite band can you? Other bands we love such as Switchfoot (which I’ve never seen before) and City Harmonic plus many more will be there too! I seriously can barely contain my excitement as I write this, it seems unreal. We both grew up going to this festival since like middle school and haven’t gone for about four years now. Ahh it’s gonna be so great! Anyways, the rest of weekend will hopefully consist of baking, cooking, doing homework (yes, homework already eek!) antiquing, relaxing and hopefully getting to do a photo shoot! It’s gonna take some real focus to keep this blog going during this school semester since I’ll be putting in nine hour days before homework. I know, I’m crazy but I am determined to do it. Fashion has for some reason become a desire of my heart and i plan to follow that to where ever it may take me. And for the time being it’s the measly weak fashion blog. I love doing it and I hope you love reading it! So here’s my labor day outfit post, three lace formal dresses that just happen to be red, white and blue! I love lace and I think it fancy’s up any event. I paired them all with the same nude wedge because of course nude goes with everything! Now I just need some fancy events (or dates *wink *wink) to wear them on! I hope you all enjoy your three day weekend!!  Thanks for following  and don’t forget, you’re not supposed to wear white after Labor Day (;




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