Fall Fridays: Scarlet and Yellow (Last Post!!!)

Summer is basically over! And it makes me pretty sad. School is starting which is always a bummer to me but I love fall time. Everything about it is just so great; the weather, the colors, the crisp clean air, just everything! I have been on a fall clothing rampage finding the most perfect pieces out there. It’s still to warm to wear it here but I’m anxiously awaiting the first overcast day where I can wear my colored denim pants and huge sweaters. So here’s my last post for the fall fashion Fridays series. I love wearing fall colors in fall time. So for the first outfit I paired a scarlet cuffed top with a pair of dark jeans. I honestly can’t remember the last time I wore plain old blue jeans but there;s something classic about wearing them in fall time with a good deep color. I loved the button detail on the sleeves, one of the main reasons I bought the shirt. The next outfit is a little bold for the fall but the yellow is just so striking when paired with the orange and black patterned top. The pattern actually reminds me of Christmas but with falls colors, kind of tricky! I recently bought a pair of burnt orange denim pants and wore them with a plain faded grey tee and a blue jean jacket. Best fall outfit that I have come up with (no pics for that one, sorry!) so far, I just love it. Hope you all have a great weekend!



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