Tuxedo Blazer Outfits

Blazers are a thing that have been around for a really long time. Of course they’ve recycled just like everything else in fashion pretty much has but how you wear them the second time around is key to perfecting true fashion success. I feel that most people will see women wearing them out but then aren’t sure how to wear them for certain occasions. Sometimes learning to pair a blazer with a few main pieces is what turns an outfit into a statement. I think that blazers are just so cute and that they can honestly be worn anywhere at anytime. Far out colors like green or royal blue (striped even) are a great way to make an outfit classy and cute. I had been searching for the perfect one for me for the longest time and finally found it at Burlington Coat Factory in Reno for just $16. I wanted a black one, which it is, but this particular one has cream white detail around the collar and rolled-up sleeves. I loved it as soon as I saw it. But later I discovered that the small color detail made it somewhat harder to wear with certain things. For instance I can’t wear white with it because the detail is too creamy for that. So it’s made me really think outside the box with bright colors and different fabrics to make it work. Here I came up with four different outfits for four different girly time events. The first outfit is a blazer over a dress for a more sophisticated look like for church. So I put mine with a lace patterned cream colored dress and black flats to tie the colors together. The second outfit is for a weekend out “sight seeing” the sights. I put a cream sleeveless button up underneath the blazer over royal blue shorts and black flats again. It just looks so clean and I just love the way that blue, black, and accents of white look together. Next I wore pink denim pants with a creme lace top and the blazer, also with the same black flats. This is the office look, it says formal fashion but adds a pop of color for fun. The last look is for a night out. I put the blazer over a plain black sleeveless button up and wore it with black leggings and red peep toe heels. I don’t go out but if I did I’d wear this for sure! Patterned tops like floral or polka dot  will always go with any blazer, so will plain colors too. When I was describing my blazer to my friend Shelby she named it a tuxedo blazer, I loved that! It sounds so much fancier and formal, like a penguin going to a party. Silly humor aside, enjoy and let me know your blazer creations too!



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