Random Outfits Post

This summer has flown by so fast for me! I was supposed to be doing a fashion internship for the past few months every afternoon once I got off work but that hasn’t exactly played out yet. So I had decided to start this fashion blog in the meantime since I was needing some sort of fashion outlet to pass the time. And oh boy! This thing has seriously kept me so busy these last few months. I get off work everyday and can’t wait to come home and think up new ideas to post about. It’s so much fun for me to actually be able to write down and share the fashion tips that I naturally use in my head. I’m loving the feedback that I’ve gotten from family and friends and complete strangers as well! It’s so nice to know that all this hard work isn’t going to waste! So thank you so much everybody who reads and follows along with me through this new experience. I haven’t exactly figured out all the tricks of this trade yet but I’m slowly working on the minor details to make it all come together better. Thanks for the patience as well, I really appreciate it! So as we count down the last few days of summer that we all have left (boohoo) here are some random single outfits that I snapped photos of but completely forgot to post. I hope you’re enjoying the last few weeks of fun in the sun. I’m trying my best too. Have a great Tuesday evening everybody!

Outfit 1

-I wore this lovely get up for a night of hamburgers and milkshakes out with my family. I love my mint jeans so much! I paired it with a floral patterned button up that has lace detail at the shoulders, I love it. I wore my denim blue flats with it to make the blue flowers in the shirt really pop. This shirt can go with so many different colored pants which is one of the best things about fashion!

Outfit 2

-This was one of my most favorite floral patterned dresses from last summer and this year too! It’s just so simple and easy to throw on for any occasion. I wore this to go to lunch with my best friend Jessi. Paired it again with my denim flats and vavoom, pretty and perfect!

Outfit 3

-I just noticed that all three of these outfits contain a floral pattern piece. Can’t you tell it’s one of my favorite go to items? When I picked out this outfit to wear just to work one day I completely fell in love with it! I was gonna wear a white laced button up with it but it felt to plain to me. So did the nude brown one that I had also thought about pairing it with. But when I peered into my closet and found this screaming teal color I knew it was love at first site! I had to wear this shirt with this shorts. My mom says it was a little too loud for her but perfect for me. She’s so cute (:





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