Fall Fridays: Denim Dress

Hey everybody! Hope you had a great week. Mine has been completely busy and crazy and hectic. It has come and gone in the most absurd blur and I am honestly so glad that it’s over. My babies at work all got sick which was no fun and that threw my partner Brittney and I off. Hopefully your week and upcoming weekend turn out better than mine did! Anyways, here’s the first (but kind of second) post for the Fall Fridays series in August. I picked up this adorable denim dress at Forever 21 for fifteen bucks a few weeks ago. I am in love with denim right now as is the rest of my worldly fashion friends! I wore it last week to the Reno Midtown Artwalk for my best friend Micah’s birthday adventure. It was a poor outfit choice because it’s a little short and it was really windy that night. No fun to be holding down a dress all night long even if it was a cute outfit! Sidetracked. Well for future fall outfit’s I thought it’d be great paired with some leggings that would keep you warm and covered by any kind of wind! Along with it I added a pale neutral pink circle scarf that I got from H&M. I love it in the winter time with any type of outfit. And of course, the same wedge boots were used to top this outfit off! I am seriously sick of this 100 degree Reno weather we have been having lately and cannot wait for the rain and coolness that falls brings. This will definitely be one of first go to outfits! I love pieces that you can wear in more than one season and this dress does just the trick!









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