Introducing: Fall Fridays

So last week one of my mommy blogger friends, Danielle, texted me and asked for some upcoming fall fashion trends. She totally ignited a spark in my head! I had been so caught up in posting things that I had been wearing all summer (and being new to this whole blogging thing) I hadn’t even thought of preparing readers for the new seasons upcoming fashion. So I went home right after work and got to work on new outfits that I would wear this fall. I’m not sure if these are “new” trends or ideas or what’s on the runway in foreign countries but it’s a look at how I’ll be dressing this fall. I started by picking out a few inspiring fall colors like yellow, maroon and faded brown then threw in a few favorites like polka dots (I love em too much not to wear them year round) denim and mint. I paired every outfit with the same faded brown wedge boot. I loved wearing them at the end of last winter and even have a pair in black too. They make me feel edgey and ready to battle the wind and rain that fall, here in Reno, always brings. Here’s the first outfit: a loose cotton cream colored sweater worn with maroon pants and a boho fedora. I love pairing solid colors together and adding a bit of detail like a hat or big bag. I honestly cannot wait to wear this outfit here in about a month or so when it starts to get chilly. It’ll be so comfy and cute to wear to work and then to class later that day. I just realized that the fall semesters starts in three weeks! Boo, I don’t wanna go back to school but hopefully I can make it enjoyable. Anyways, I hope you can take this outfit and somehow make it your own. I’ll be posting a new fall outfit every Friday for the rest of the month of August. So stay posted and add a comment to let me know what you think. Have a great Monday night everybody!





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