High Wasted DIY Vintage Shorts

I love vintage! Everything from polka dots to cat eye sunnies and bold colors to high wasted details. This summer’s craze has been high wasted shorts but it’s so hard to find a pair that is actually flattering. So I decided to make my own. One afternoon my friend Micah and I decided to head over to our local Saver’s to buy the famous “mom” jeans. It’s such a great place to find an array of sizes, styles, and colors for extremely cheap prices. We figured we’d go to a thrift store instead of buying brand new since we were gonna cut them up anyways. It was a ton of fun goofing around and trying pants on in the middle of the aisles. We ran into our friend Kevin who we forgot worked there and who gave us an employee discount. Woohoo! Even cheaper pants now. So I picked up four pairs for $12: pale pink,  shaded rose, dark stretch denim and acid washed colors. While Micah got two pairs, acid washed and a purple pair. We took them home, tried them on and cut them to fit, washed them then wore them. They’re my favorite shorts to wear right now! And there are so many different tops that can go with them. I’m currently working on how to make one of the pairs polka dot. I’ll post about it once I get the chance! But here’s four different outfits that I made with the dark denim stretch pair that can all be worn with a pair of teal flats. Have a lovely Saturday (:





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