One skirt, four shirts.

Good afternoon from heat festering Reno! It is so stinking hot outside, I can barely stand it! I can’t actually… That’s why I’m sitting in my living room catching up on my blogging before I head downtown for the Reno Artwalk and my best friend’s birthday celebration. Happy Birthday Micah! Anyways, I have been searching high and low for the latest trend of the high to low skirts that just about everyone has been wearing. My friend Annie back in April told me that they were the new fashion and I wasn’t too sure how I felt about them. I honestly thought that they looked a little weird! But as time went by and I saw them more frequently I began to fall in love! See, I’m not always a trend setter guys. I follow the crowd sometimes too! Well I had passively been looking for one on my shopping outings and hadn’t been able to find one that I liked or barely even at all. They were either attached to a really ugly belt (yuck) or just not at any store that I would come across. I’d ask my friends where they got theirs and then rampage those stores with high hopes but no luck. Until I finally had hit the ultimate jackpot! I found the prettiest pink high to low skirt in the most perfect fabric at Kohls for only fourteen dollars! I was so excited that I wore it the next day to work. Bad idea by the way because the babies at work got greasy hand prints all over it which thankfully washed out! But my life felt complete, momentarily at least. Until I got home and my silly brain jumbled together three other shirts that I could have worn with the same skirt that would have been just as cute. Because for some reason my brain loves to mess with me and create fashion art inside my head that cannot go ignored. Mixing and matching patterns and colors and brightness and bolds. My brain sees it all working together perfectly. So I give to you one skirt, four shirts.


I uploaded this pic up on my Instagram last week!









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