I’m still here!

Sorry ladies and possibly gents! This last week and a half or so have been absolutely non stop and hectic. But I’m still here and working on things to post! I’ve been busy coming up with new outfits to show you all and thinking up different twists to add to the blog. One thing I came up with was taking a bolder item (such as a hot pink skirt or salmon colored pants) and showing you four simple outfits just by adding different key items like varied patterned shirts. My pics came out great for this one! I’ve absolutely been loving doing this blog! I started it mainly for a fashion outlet for myself and have been so excited to find out that other people actually look at it too! I ran into an old friend from high school at my local Forever 21 and she told me she looked at it. I felt like a mini celeb! Haha and my mom told me my aunt follows it too! Which makes me laugh. And then a coworker today as I was leaving asked me for some fashion advice and said she loves my blog too. So thanks everyone for actually looking at this thing and going along with me through this crazy journy. I hope it eventually ends up somewhere but if not well then I am glad to have helped those that I can. Stay posted cause I’m about to upload a crazy amount of new stuff here shortly! Life has been fast paced lately and my brain can barely keep up!  But thanks everyone for the patience and support. I truly appreciate it more than any of you will ever know!





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