I can’t sew!

Yeah, I know… A girl who absolutely loves clothes and fashion but she can’t sew. Too silly to be true, but it is! I’ve tried helping my mom and grandma sew baby blankets before and I always mess it up. I’m the worst at it, I guess I just need more practice! Oh well. Anyways, I was on Pintrest one day and got super stoked when I saw this idea for a no sew pillow cover. I had to try it out! It looked so simple and cute and I had some old ugly green pillows that I needed to do something with. So I tried it out and it definitely worked! My mom had some of my great grandmother’s vintage fabric in her sewing stuff so I used that and they turned out really cute! I love them. So basically all you do is lay fabric pattern down and lay your pillow on top. Next, fold the fabric over from top and bottom over pillow so that it covers it entirely. Then take the excess fabric on each side and gather it towards the middle of the pillow making sure that each corner and side are smooth and how you want them. Now all you do is tie the two sides into a knot in the center of the pillow and tuck away the ends on the pulled over material. So simple! Let me know how yours turn out (:





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