Jean vest is always best!

Bringing back the old fashion trend of jean vests was the best idea ever. I love wearing mine. They’re so versatile and pretty comfortable as well. They change up any outfit without a doubt giving it an edge or even a laid back feel. They’re great for so many occasions as well. Here’s how I like to wear mine! Pairing it with an offset color such as white shorts and a patterned neutral tank underneath gives you an everyday quick look. Wearing it over a floral patterned dress gives it a rougher but still cute look. One of my favorite ways to wear a jean vest is to pair it with a floral pattern high wasted skirt (or shorts) and button the vest up with nothing underneath. Great for a really hot summer day. And lastly I love wearing mine over a plain colored romper and throwing on a patterned headband or scarf. So comfy, quick and adorable! Whoever brought this trend back I thank them dearly! It’s my favorite fashion accessory this summer, everyone should just keep their’s in their car to just throw on with whatever outfit. It really goes good with everything! I’m wearing mine today even! Just remember that you don’t always have to wear an outfit the same way every time. Shop your closet and try out new ideas as well. Have a great day everybody!


One response to “Jean vest is always best!”

  1. Lindsay Panko (@LindsayPanko) Avatar

    Love the jean combo! I have a jean jacket in the closet I never wear, I think its time I dust it off and try it out! Thanks Abbey!

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