Wedding Fever!

Yesterday my friend Micah and I went to our friend Amanda’s sisters wedding. It was absolutely gorgeous! It was up at a Mt. Rose Ski Lodge and the view was absolutely breath taking. Not to mention the bride, she looked absolutely stunning in her laced halter top vintage styled dress. It was so overwhelming for Micah and I to see our friends sister get married because we grew up with her and it just seemed so surreal. Anyways, we had the best of time catching up with old friends and family members of theirs that we’ve met over the years. It was such a lovely ceremony and I’m so happy for Kayla and Nick! Yay!
While Micah and I were getting ready for the wedding and all through out the event we kept day dreaming and planning our own weddings one day! We cannot wait! So tonight we’re having a girls night which entails of eating brownies and watching Bridesmaids! Have a lovely Friday night (:

(Red Dress; TJ Maxx $20 Black and Nude Wedges; Ross $8 Nude Sunglasses; Forever 21 $5 Nude Clutch; Ross $8)














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