Living for what matters

So the night before I wore this outfit I went to dinner with a friend. I hadn’t seen him for awhile and things well started off slow. But while we ate and he talked I just sat there and kept thinking about all the things he was talking about. I literally sat there in silence not knowing what to say back. Everything he was saying about his life and the way he lived didn’t add up to how I wanted to live my life. It all just seemed so meaningless. Everything he lived for were things that weren’t going to last. Things like materialistic objects and stubborn habits and finding happiness. None of that will last. You can’t take possessions with you when you die. Being stubborn gets you no where in life. And happiness, what defines it? It can fade just as fast as it can come. Personally for me, those aren’t things that I want to live for. And while I heard these desires come from his mouth it broke my heart to think that he was living for such momentarily things that can disappear in a blink. I want to live my life for something that’s actually going to matter and carry on. For me, that’s Jesus. He’s the only thing that has been known since the beginning and the only name that has been remembered all the years to come. But your meaning in life must come from you. What matters to you? I want this blog to not only be about fashion and trendy things but about my life and thoughts as well. Voicing who you are and what you stand for is one of my deepest passions in life. Everyone matters. And everything they have to say matters as well even if it’s the complete opposite of what you see. It all matters.

(Patterned Dress; TJ Maxx $16 White Sleeveless Button Up Shirt; TJ Maxx $8 Neon Polka Dot Sunglasses; Rue 21 $2)





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