Senators and Birthdays

This last Saturday was my mom’s birthday (happy birthday mom!) and my family and I had the opportunity to travel from Reno to her home town Smith Valley. My oldest brother Trevor works for one of our Senators here in Nevada and he had a fundraising event that we all luckily got to attend. So we dressed our best and all loaded into the car to head south to the green valley. Arriving early with some time to kill my mom took us all to the first house she lived in as a child. It was a really cool vintage looking home made of brick. My brothers and I really enjoyed getting to see a part of her past. You could see the excitement on her face as memories ran through her mind. It was really cute to see. Anyways, here’s what I wore to meet the Senator!

(Dress; Forever 21 $22 Nude Cat-eye Sunglasses; Forever 21 $5 Nude shoes; $23 TJ MAXX (not pictured))




One response to “Senators and Birthdays”

  1. Valerie L Avatar
    Valerie L

    Love the color of that dress. Super cute!

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