Hey everybody! Sorry but I forgot to post what I did for the fourth! How un-American of me. Anyways, for starters here’s for a little background history of my life. Every fourth of July my family and I get together with some friends of ours that live in Georgia. They moved from Nevada to Atlanta when I was just four years old and we’ve remained close ever since. And this year it was their turn to come here! Yay! Another tradition we’ve accumulated over the years is to all wear matching Old Navy Fourth of July T-shirts on the holiday together. And yes, we do have photo documentary of this annual fashion torture! So of course this year was no different but I actually decided to spruce up the do a bit by adding my own twist on it. I cut the t-shirt up and went sleeveless! No biggie. But I added striped high waisted shorts and a jean jacket vest to the mix. Nothing more American than that! Anyways we spent the holiday just relaxing with the entire gang and playing cards and having fun. I made layered red, white, and blue cupcakes. Super simple, just take vanilla cupcake batter, separate into three parts and dye one section red, one blue and leave one white. Then combine all three in layers into cupcake trays and bake! Turns out super cute. I added a bit of honey to the batter and cream cheese frosting for an added kick. They turned out delicious! I think the fourth of July is one of my favorite holidays we celebrate! America!

(Shirt; Old Navy $5 Striped Shorts; Walmart $12 Jean Vest; Forever 21 $29 Shoes; Ross $14)








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