Red All Over…

Today my family and I went up to Tahoe with some of our family friends that are visiting from Georgia. We all had a great time… Except I got burnt in more than one way! I of course got a sun burn up at the lake that will soon turn into a tan (score) but I also got burnt before we left! Note to self: don’t try and straighten your bangs with a curling iron while wearing a swim suit! I did this morning an stepped on the cord which sent it sailing onto my stomach leaving like a six inch ugly burn. Haha it even has a burn in the shape of a screw… Woops! I’m such a dork. Anyways, after the lake My oldest brother Trevor who’s in town (he lives in Vegas) cooked a huge Italian dinner for the entire family. Here’s what I wore for a simple family night at home (minus the shoes! those were just added for dramatic leg effect) Enjoy!

(Shirt; Forever 21 $8 Shorts; Forever 21 $30 Nude Wedges; Ross $8)







One response to “Red All Over…”

  1. TheAbsoluteMost Avatar

    loving the entire outfit..especially the Polkdot top

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