Starting Off

So I’ve wanted to start a fashion blog for quite some time now and I’ve finally forced myself to do it! Well actually my best friend Micah is the craze behind the push but regardless, I’ve done it now. Lately like over the past year and a half I have become overly obsessed with clothes and fashion. My senior year of high school I didn’t wear the same thing twice for an entire semester. I mixed and matched items piecing them into varied outfits. It was so much fun! My dad didn’t see the point in accomplishing such a task and I just told him that it was like solving a puzzle to me. It made me think outside of the norm of my clothing and create something new and unique. It soon became an everyday occurrence for me in my wardrobe, to not ever wear the same thing in the same exact way. I know they’re honestly just clothes and that there are way important things to life than appearance of material things. But clothes are what I love. And whenever someone compliments my outfit I can’t help but light up with eagerness in telling them where I got each piece and for what such cheap amounts. I just want to share the joy and confidence that I receive from fashion to help others feel better about themselves too.

Along with fashion tips and showing different styles I can’t wait to share parts of my life with others as well. Such as my favorite places to shop and score deals. All the way to recipes, crafts, and places that I like to go and explore in my city. I’d love it if you’d joined in on this new adventure that I’ve began. We can learn new things together from bows to toes!


One response to “Starting Off”

  1. Victoria Avatar

    You’re off to a great start! Fashion is wonderful, especially when you find good prices! 🙂

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